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Roof Thermography Scanning

Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in your flat and low sloped roof. This enables you to make informed decisions about repair or replacement. This practice can extend the life of your roof by up to 300%, by showing where repairs can be surgically made versus an entire roof replacement.

This can save a tremendous amount of money as 95% of all roofing materials removed and thrown into the landfill are perfectly dry. Wet areas are marked directly on the roof with paint so anyone standing on the roof can see these areas after the survey is performed. We create a detailed, high quality, and easy to read report, documenting the roof moisture. Roofing professionals can then use the report to verify wet areas and write specifications to repair the roof.

Roof Inspection in Action

RoofScanIR Service
here’s how it works…

During the day, the sun radiates energy onto the roof and into the roof substrate, and then at night, the roof radiates the heat back into outer space.

This is called radiational cooling. Areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas.

Infrared imagers can detect this heat and “see” the warmer, higher mass areas, during the “window” of uneven heat dissipation. Heat loss and other IR services can be performed at the same time.

Montana Infrared Services, Inc. is a Certified Member of RoofScanIR by United Infrared, Inc.

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