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Infraspection Institute Since 1980, Infraspection Institute has provided training, certification, and support services for thousands of thermographers worldwide.

We publish software, Guidelines, and technical articles for thermographers and NDT professionals. Our capabilities and expertise are without equal.

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  • IR/INFO 2020 – An Event to Remember!

    Burlington, NJ – January 31, 2020 — Infraspection Institute’s IR/INFO Conference was held earlier this month in San Antonio, TX. 2020 marks the 31st anniversary for the advanced training conference, technical symposium and technology expo. IR/INFO was attended by infrared thermographers, PdM and CBM technologists, and building inspection professionals from around the world who enjoyed four days of networking, learning, and fun in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

  • T/IR Systems Introduces New Thermography Software

    Burlington, NJ July 31, 2019 – T/IR Systems LLC announced today the release of TI Reporter™, a new cloud-based software for infrared thermography. TI ReporterTM works with all thermal imagers and allows thermographers to quickly generate standards-compliant reports for a wide variety of applications. T/IR Systems LLC is the parent company of Infraspection Institute.

  • IR/INFO 2019 – A Resounding Success!

    Burlington, NJ January 30, 2019 — Infraspection Institute’s IR/INFO Conference was held earlier this month in New Orleans, LA. IR/INFO 2019 marks the 30th anniversary for the advanced training conference, technical symposium and technology expo.

  • Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer Seal Now a Registered Trademark

    Alexandria, VA January 16, 2019 – The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Infraspection Institute registration for its mark and designation, ‘Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer’.

  • Free Video Content for Infrared Inspection Websites

    Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the availability of free video content for thermography websites. An entire series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available free-of-charge through Infraspection Institute’s YouTube channel.

  • United Infrared Announces Passing of Rob Miller

    On last Thursday, our beloved and respected Rob Miller passed away from natural causes while working at a job site in Massachusetts.

  • Infraspection Institute Partners with InterNACHI for Infrared Training

    Burlington, NJ — July 11, 2018 — Infraspection Institute and the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) have announced dates for infrared training courses at two InterNACHI facilities. Infraspection Institute’s course, Infrared Inspections for Home and Building Inspectors, will be taught at InterNACHI’s House of Horrors® facilities in Boulder, CO and Weston, FL.

  • IR/INFO 2018 Provides a Hot Time in New Orleans

    Burlington, NJ January 30, 2018 — Infraspection Institute’s IR/INFO Conference was recently held in New Orleans, LA. IR/INFO 2018 marks the 29th anniversary for the advanced training conference, technical symposium and technology expo.

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  • Detecting Defective Lighting Ballasts

    Lighting ballast failure may present more than an inconvenience; in some cases, it may present a fire hazard. Under the right conditions, an infrared imager may be used to detect overheated ballasts.

  • IR Inspections of Liquid-filled Transformers

    A thorough infrared inspection of an electrical transformer can point out symptoms of loose connections as well as other possible problems. When performing an infrared inspection of a liquid-filled transformer, be certain to include not only the primary and secondary connections but also the following items as well...

  • Is Distance Learning Right For You?

    Advancements in technology have reshaped traditional approaches to education. Students are now able to study a wide variety of subjects, including thermography, from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Spring is the Time for Infrared Roof Inspections

    With the onset of warmer weather, the harshness of winter is but a fading memory for most. Left undetected, the damage caused by winter’s fury is a reality that can lead to premature roof failure. Fortunately, an infrared inspection of your roof can detect evidence of problems before they can get out of hand.

  • Ambient Temperature and Radiometer Accuracy

    Many who live in cold climates are in the habit of allowing their automobile to warm up before driving. For accurate temperature measurement, one should allow sufficient time for a radiometer to equalize with ambient temperature.

  • How to Use Spot Size Ratios

    With awareness of infrared technology at an all time high, point radiometers have become a common tool in a wide variety of industries. Understanding how to properly apply spot size values is imperative for accurate temperature measurement.

  • ‘Thermometer Guns’ on Coronavirus Front Lines Are ‘Notoriously Not Accurate’

    Chinese authorities are using infrared thermometers to screen people for the illness, as the devices have become synonymous with trying to contain deadly outbreaks.

  • How Close Do You Need to Be?

    One of the most frequently asked questions in thermography is, “How close do I need to be to my target?” The answer depends upon target size and the type of data that are desired.