Montana Infrared Services has several options available when it comes to surveying your commercial, industrial and institutional properties:

ROOF– We can detect and document hidden moisture in flat and low sloped roofs.

ELECTRICAL-Electrical faults can be identified through a thorough infrared survey of your electrical equipment, eliminating unwanted downtime.

MECHANICAL-An infrared survey can locate areas of overheating and excess friction in your mechanical equipment.

BLOCK WALL AND BUILDING ENVELOPE-Let us survey your building envelope to ensure proper construction specifications were met, locate areas of air leakage, and moisture penetration.

MOISTURE-Performing an infrared moisture survey can detect moisture behind walls, ceilings, siding, and in floors.

STEAM AND HOT WATER SYSTEMS-A survey of steam and hot water systems can help determine if systems are operating properly, eliminating wasted energy.


In most any situation taking a pro-active approach to maintenance will save money. In fact, a study was conducted by The Hartford Insurance Company that revealed for every $1 spent on an Infrared Inspection there will be a $4 return in savings on material and labor to fix a problem before it fails.

The ratio would increase to $20 saved for every $1 spent if you factor in production losses, ruined products, and lost labor.

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Montana Commercial Infrared Thermography