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Infrared Roof Scanning

Infrared imaging is a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in your roof. This enables you to make informed decisions about what steps to take next.

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Infrared Moisture Scanning

Thermography is an excellent way to find and document water damage in buildings. We can pinpoint hidden leaks, and find the source.

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Infrared Mechanical Scanning

Locate areas of overheating in mechanical equipment caused by excess friction. We can accurately measure and monitor temperatures of critical machinery and other mechanisms to eliminate costly downtime.

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Infrared Electrical Scanning

Electrical switchgear testing is a great way to avoid costly equipment repair and unplanned downtime. Our non-invasive electrical testing keeps your operation running smoothly.

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Infrared Block Wall and Building Envelope Scanning

Ensure that your building was built to specifications with this non-invasive testing and pinpoint exact areas requiring repair.

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Steam and Hot Water System Scan

Detecting areas of leakage and wasted energy in steam and hot water systems.

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Commercial and Residential Property Inspection

Commercial and Residential property inspection since 2006. We offer a thorough inspection including infrared, with detailed same day reporting

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With IR equipment becoming more affordable, just about anyone can purchase a thermal imaging camera and call themselves a Thermographer.

Hiring low priced, uncertified or under certified contractors will only cost you more in the end, because they have the tendency to under or over report, misinterpret their findings, or completely miss important defects. Understanding the science of Infrared Thermography and all of the conditions required is critical to providing an accurate and successful survey you can trust.

It’s not just “point and shoot”.

A minimum Level 2 certification through an accredited training facility is needed for taking accurate temperature measurements and producing quality reports.

Certified Infrared Thermography and Inspection Service

United Infrared Thermographer
United Infrared Thermographer
Trained MFIR Thermography Specialist
Infraspection Institute Certified
Infraspection Institute Certified
Trained ELIR Thermograghy Specialist
Trained RoofScanIR Thermography Specialist

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